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BPI Training at the Next Level

BPI Training at the Next Level

BPI Training at the Next LevelBPI Training at the Next Level

Where Leading Technicians Are Produced!

BPI Training

Who Is BPI?


The Building Performance Institute is accredited by the American National Standards Institute, Inc. (ANSI) as a developer of American National Standards and as a certifying body for personnel credentials. 

BPI develops the technical standards for:

  •  Home Energy Audits
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Health
  • Safety Improvements

 From these standards, BPI develops rigorous written and field exams resulting in one of BPI’s  professional certifications.


Why Choose JLC Industries?

Industry Training Excellence

 JLC Industries is a national BPI Test Center.

 We train across The United States and into Canada. Our curriculum is the basis of our learning. Our students have an easy understanding of what is being taught by the way it is written and presented.

 With our instructors years of experience in the field, our students will learn the very best way of Mastering the Designation that they have signed up for. 

DON'T SETTLE for mediocre when the best training is available for YOUR employees who are representing YOUR business. 


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Live online training: covid-19 response temporary pricing

Live online Training: covid-19 response temporary pricing

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